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About the map

There are 152,177 books on the map that can be searched by countries, regions, or by any of the 18,902 specific places the books are set in or are about. Thanks to the efforts of users, this number is growing all the time.

This map is a project of Alexander Mackie. It began in 2014 as research into geoparsing and toponym resolution undertaken as part of the MSc in GIS at the University of Edinburgh.

Where is this data from?

Books have either been mapped by users, or their "whereness" has been disambiguated from more traditional catalogue metadata from the Open Library or from LibraryThing's Common Knowledge databases. Books on the map are tagged to one or more discrete points on earth using coordinates rather than place names. This allows them to be easily grouped into cities, regions, or other geographical areas.

How can I add books?

Books can be added here.


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Recently added

The JAWSfest Murders

by Crispin Nathaniel Haskins
Added 21 days ago to:
Martha's Vineyard
Massachusetts State
United States

The Prince of Venice Beach

by Blake Nelson
Added 21 days ago to:
Venice Beach