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Foreign Influence

Recruited as a field operative in a secret and uncompromising new spy agency, former Navy SEAL Scot Harvath investigates when a bombing in Rome kills a group of American college students, with the evidence pointing to a dangerous colleague from Harvath’s past and a plan for further attacks on an unimaginable scale.

Simultaneously, a young woman is struck by a taxi in a hit-and-run incident in Chicago. With only two intoxicated witnesses and over five thousand cabs in the city, the Chicago Police have given up on their investigation. But when the family’s attorney digs deeper, he uncovers a shocking connection to the bombing in Rome and the perpetrators’ plans for America and Europe.

As the story rockets towards a stunning climax in London and Amsterdam, the plots intersect in a race to prevent one of the most audacious and unthinkable acts of war in the history of mankind.

Important places

Al Fallojah (12)
Amsterdam (469)
Chicago (1,721)
Geneva (120)
London (7,094)
Pyrenees (8)


Cook (1,792)


Roma (1,363)
Pyrénées-Orientales (17)
Paris (3,057)
Al-Anbar (19)
Noord-Holland (507)
Genève (127)
Illinois (2,704)
Madrid (230)


Netherlands (1,293)
Yemen (66)
France (7,260)
United Kingdom (21,421)
Italy (5,202)
Switzerland (876)
Spain (1,881)
Iraq (449)
United States (64,950)

Other geographical areas

Pyrenees (18)
Mesopotamia (34)
Occitanie (161)
Iberian Peninsula (883)
Central Lowlands (North America) (1,334)
Lazio (1,399)
Benelux (1,495)
Western Asia (1,597)
Ile-de-France (3,166)
Southern Europe (7,123)
Greater London (7,856)