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The Elizabethan Renaissance: The Life of the Society

Back in print in a new paperback edition are these two volumes by A.L. Rowse that represent one of the great historical works of our time. They are a master historian's exploration of the social and cultural history of the Elizabethan Age. In The Life of the Society, Mr. Rowse surveys the life of each class of Englishmen from the Court downward, and presents a remarkable portrait of Elizabethan life and of the mentality, conscious and unconscious, to which the way of life gave rise. He portrays the life of the body as well as the life of the mind, including food and sanitation, sports and clothing, customs and beliefs, witchcraft and astrology―even the sex life of Elizabethans. In The Cultural Achievement he chronicles the astonishingly rich cultural flowering that marked the reign of Elizabeth I. He brings vividly to life the age's poetry, music, science, painting, sculpture, minor arts, and, above all, the tightly knit world of the theatre. Abundantly illustrated, together these volumes offer a richly rewarding reading experience.
"The book is so tightly packed with fascinating facts and fresh material that anyone at all seriously interested in Elizabethan England should delight in it."―New York Times.
"The Elizabethan Renaissance is created in such brilliant color and clarity that the reader can never forget it."―Irving Stone.

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Prague (267)
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Central Bedfordshire (21)
Bath and North East Somerset (205)


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United Kingdom (21,421)
Germany (3,818)
Netherlands (1,293)
Poland (895)
Czech Republic (407)
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