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The Genesis Secret

A gripping high-concept thriller for fans of Dan Brown and Sam Bourne. Now including a sample of The Babylon Rite, the new thriller from Tom Knox.

In the sunburnt deserts of eastern Turkey, archaeologists are unearthing a stone temple, the world's most ancient building. When Journalist Rob Luttrell is sent to report on the dig, he is intrigued to learn that someone deliberately buried the site 10,000 years ago. Why?

Meanwhile, in London, a bizarre attack is baffling the police. When a weird killing takes place on the Isle of Man, followed by another in rural Dorset, DC Mark Forrester begins to discern a curious pattern in these apparently random murders.

What weaves together these two stories is the Genesis Secret: a revelation so shocking it may threaten the social structure of the world. Only one man knows the secret, and he is intent on destroying the evidence before it can be uncovered.

Spanning the globe from the ruined castles of Ireland to the desolate wastes of Kurdistan, Tom Knox's intense and compelling thriller weaves together genuine historical evidence, scientific insights and Biblical mysteries into an electrifying tale that grips the reader mercilessly from beginning to end.

Important places

Stonehenge (87)
Karakocan (1)


Westminster (7,352)
Wiltshire (272)
Elazig (1)


United Kingdom (21,421)
Turkey (564)

Other geographical areas

Europe (50,240)
Western Asia (1,597)
Northern Europe (20,481)
Great Britain (17,707)
Anatolia (122)
Asia (12,966)
British Isles (19,064)