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Red Rabbit

When young Jack Ryan joins the CIA as an analyst he is thrust into a world of political intrigue and conspiracy. Stationed in England, he quickly finds himself debriefing a Soviet defector with an extraordinary story to tell: senior Russian officials are plotting to assassinate Pope John Paul II. The CIA novice must forget his inexperience and rely on all his wits to firstly discover the details of the plot - and then prevent its execution. For it is not just the Pope's life that is at stake, but also the stability of the Western world... Format: 11 sm x 18 sm.

Important places

Budapest (219)
Belgrade (31)
Boston (1,282)
UK (5,022)
St Peter's Basilica (5)


Suffolk (1,359)


Westminster (7,352)
Roma (1,363)
Manchester (204)
Grad Beograd (32)
Budapest (224)
Massachusetts (3,085)


United Kingdom (21,421)
Hungary (487)
Italy (5,202)
Serbia (122)
United States (64,950)

Other geographical areas

Europe (50,240)
Americas (79,726)
Southern Europe (7,119)
Eastern Europe (2,709)
Northern Europe (20,481)
Alföld (325)
Great Britain (17,707)
Balkan Peninsula (1,517)
North America (66,455)
British Isles (19,064)
East Coast (USA) (17,366)
North of England (1,361)