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Italy and the Grand Tour

For members of the social elite in eighteenth-century England, extended travel for pleasure came to be considered part of an ideal education as well as an important symbol of social status. Italy, and especially Rome - a fashionable, exciting and comfortable city - became the focus of such early tourists' interest. In this distinctive book, historian Jeremy Black recreates the actual experiences of those who travelled to Italy on a Grand Tour. Relying on the private diaries and personal letters of travellers, rather than on the self-conscious accounts of literary travellers who wrote for wider audiences, the book presents a fresh and authentic picture of how British tourists experienced Italy, its landscapes, women, food, music, Catholicism and more.

Important places

Florence (539)
Venice (839)
Naples (191)
Milan (221)


Napoli (269)
Venezia (843)
Firenze (569)
Roma (1,363)
Milano (226)
Bologna (42)


Italy (5,202)