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Re-enter Fu Manchu

The Trail of Fu Manchu:The great fog of 1935. P.C. Ireland is guarding Professor Ambroso. No one is to enter or leave the house. Heavy breathing, shuffling sounds, a scream .. And Sir Denis Nayland is on the trail of Fu Manchu.

President Fu Manchu: America is seeking a new president. An anonymous, shadowy individual who controls inexhaustible supplies of men and capital, is trying to gain control of the country. Federal Agent 56, Denis Nayland Smith, knows who that person is – his old enemy Dr Fu Manchu – and he, for one, is determined that Fu Manchu will not be America’s next president.

Re-Enter Fu Manchu: The ad. said, ‘Go anywhere, do anything’. And Brian Merrick was launched on a mission that was to take him from London to Cairo to New York, involving a strangely nervous Nayland Smith. What Merrick did not know was that he was an important cog in a diabolical plan to rule the world by none other than the evil genius, Fu Manchu.

Important places

UK (5,022)
Cairo (340)
Mayfair (15)
Luxor (47)


Westminster (7,352)
Luxor (105)
Al Qahirah (345)


Egypt (2,000)
United Kingdom (21,421)