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Story About Global Journalism, A

A book of historical fiction, focusing on the adventures of several British journalists working in India. Bombay, Jaipur, London... all these places wouldn't be the same today if it hasn't been for one of our heroes. This is how the author Joel Landau describes the book in a rough excerpt, trying to tempt the potential buyers. He says that the actual roots of Global Journalism can be pin pointed in the 1930s in India, who was under the command of Britain at the time. Some of the events and people you meet in this book have not happened and never existed, but Landau is a journalist himself, knows what makes a story more appealing and what makes the topic interesting for the eye of an experienced reader...

Important places

Mumbai (157)
Jaipur (12)


Rajasthan (78)
Westminster (7,352)
Maharashtra (170)


United Kingdom (21,421)
India (1,945)