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Leonardo and the Last Supper

For more than five centuries The Last Supper has been an artistic, religious and cultural icon. The art historian Kenneth Clark called it 'the keystone of European art', and for a century after its creation it was regarded as nothing less than a miraculous image. And yet there is a very human story behind this artistic 'miracle'. Ross King's Leonardo and the Last Supper is both a 'biography' of one of the most famous works of art ever painted and a record of Leonardo da Vinci's last five years in Milan.

Important places

Venice (839)
Santa Maria delle Grazie (2)
Novara (1)
Naples (191)
Mordano (1)
Florence (539)
Castello (3)
Milan (221)


Napoli (269)
Venezia (843)
Firenze (569)
Roma (1,363)
Milano (226)
Trento (8)
Bologna (42)
Novara (2)


Italy (5,202)