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Storie Italiane: Short stories in Italian for young readers and Italian language students (Italian Edition)

Read and “travel” to ten beautiful Italian locations

This collection of ten short stories is simple enough for children and for intermediate Italian language students. It is written entirely in Italian, and offers an introduction to everyday life and traditions of Italy.

Each story takes place in a different Italian city to help readers discover popular sites like the Trevi fountain in Rome, and to transport them to fascinating places.

This easy reader is a great choice for bedtime reading, Italian language practice, independent readers traveling to Italy and readers interested in multicultural fiction.

Each story will give the reader a glimpse of Italian life and will surely foster a new interest in travel, geography, and all things Italian.

Language: Italian
Ages: 5+

Important places

Assisi (51)
Milan (221)
Palermo (30)
Capri (48)
Naples (191)
Florence (539)
Venice (839)


Venezia (843)
Perugia (131)
Napoli (269)
Roma (1,363)
Siena (285)
Firenze (569)
Milano (226)
Pisa (51)
Palermo (37)


Italy (5,202)