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Captured and Crowned

Be swept away

An IVF clinic mix-up meant Alison was pregnant with Maximo Rossi, Prince of Turan’s heir! And his royal proposal was a command, not a choice.

George Savas never thought he would ever need his ex-wife Sophy…until he was critically injured. He is sure she won’t come willingly, so he hires her to be his wife again!

A year ago Prince Kristo Stanrakis and Demetria nearly made love on sun-baked sand. Now Kristo must take his place as King of Angyra — with Demetria as his queen, so they can finish what they started…

Three dazzling reads!

Important places

Athens (365)
London (7,087)


Istanbul (271)
Attiki (392)


United Kingdom (21,421)
Turkey (564)
Greece (1,635)

Other geographical areas

Bosporus (30)
Balkan Peninsula (1,516)
Western Asia (1,597)
Balkans (2,082)
Southern Europe (7,123)
Greater London (7,856)