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PW2 2012: The End of the Beginning

It's been coming at us for 13.7 billion years. In the beginning, it made everything possible. In the end, it promises to do the same.

Something extraordinary is happening yet everything looks the same. On April 1, 2011, the world notices but doesn't understand. Something fundamental is changing with the universe. Incredibly, something is different about probability. A Big Bang probability wave, generated at the primal moment of cosmic inflation, pulses towards an unbelieving humanity from folded dimensions. Ex-professor Hamilton Ray discovers a wild, unfinished theory about a cosmic Probability Wave in lost notebooks. He studies in secret for fear of ridicule but abandons his research until the theory mysteriously resurfaces 20 years later on a website for the bizarre. As the world rushes to all possible explanations for the periodic strange days impacting Earth, Hamilton becomes the unlikely linchpin of tremendous consequence. Synchronicities place him under federal house arrest at Caltech where he backs into an already crowded spotlight. Hamilton and his Caltech team contend with a fateful countdown about to end, bizarre extremes, and chaotic chance while wrestling with doubts. Experts universally ridicule the theory, but Hamilton is driven to finish it. The implications, if true, are astounding. The peculiar PW2 theory might prove that consciousness is paired with probability the same way matter is with energy, and space with time. What that would mean for human destiny is anyone's guess. He knows if he is able to predict the periodic strange days, he will be besieged with overriding questions. Is control even possible? Can it be stopped? Our very humanity is the experiment. Hang on for the wild ride as the world "P-Pivots" towards a resolution of unimagined potential. December 21, 2012 - 11:11 UTC. The Mayan Calendar ends. Something extraordinary begins. The End of the Beginning.
A whole universe of promise, but nowhere to hide from ourselves.

Important places

Villa Matamoros (3)
Cabo San Lucas (10)
Cambridge (199)
Berkeley (132)
Cern (4)
California Institute of Technology (3)


Massachusetts (3,085)
Baja California Sur (19)
Virginia (2,431)
Kansas (511)
Chihuahua (53)
California (7,435)
Alaska (1,096)
Barcelona (270)
Genève (127)


United States (64,950)
Mexico (1,563)
Spain (1,881)
Switzerland (876)