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The Deadline Murders

When a Chinese military plane explodes in a fireball before her lens, life for street photographer Henrietta Fox gets dangerous.Five murders across Europe, each victim found dead with an exotic, lop-eared Sumxu cat, animals considered extinct for 300 years. Only Henri Fox knows why - and that knowledge could kill her. To survive she must pursue a madman across China with partner, Cass Farraday but the hunters soon become the prey.Desperate and on the run in Shanghai they are pursued by the Tong and the police. They must break into the Chinese Gold Exchange for the proof they need to prevent a megalomaniac billionaire's Armageddon assault on Britain's Air Traffic Control.Fail and half a million lives will be lost.

Important places

Norwich (36)
Moraira (1)


Alicante (6)
Shanghai (196)
Norfolk (141)
Glasgow (235)
Westminster (7,352)


Spain (1,881)
United Kingdom (21,421)
China (2,041)