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House Of Reckoning

Fourteen-year-old Sarah Crane has grown up quickly. When her mother dies and her drunken father is jailed for killing a man and injuring Sarah, she is sent to live with a foster family. But she soon learns that her new parents are only interested in the money that caring for Sarah earns them.

Shunned at her new school as a murderer’s daughter, Sarah’s only ally is Nick Dunnigan, who struggles with schizophrenia. The two outcasts befriend Bettina Phillips, an eccentric art teacher who lives in an eerie old mansion and encourages Sarah’s talent for painting.

But soon horrific images of the house find their way into Sarah’s artwork—and into Nick’s increasingly violent hallucinations.

As Sarah and Nick probe the meaning of the terrible pictures, they uncover a series of grisly crimes that the townspeople have been concealing for generations. In doing so, they unleash an evil force, thirsty for revenge, that threatens to destroy them all.


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