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Tequila Oil: Getting Lost in Mexico

Tequila Oil 'Try this tequila oil, Hugito. Just as the alcohol hits your stomach, the chilli will as well and blow it back into your brain. It will take your head off.' Explorer Hugh Thomson takes on Mexico. Full description

Important places

San Blas (3)
Cuernavaca (5)
Mexico City (161)
Chihuahua (22)
Victoria de Durango (durango) (3)
Chapala (1)
El Paso (49)
Veracruz (23)
Mazatlan (3)


El Paso (49)


Nayarit (8)
Morelos (5)
Chihuahua (53)
Durango (4)
Sinaloa (9)
Jalisco (33)
Distrito Federal (168)
Veracruz (50)
Texas (2,882)


Mexico (1,563)
United States (64,950)

Other geographical areas

Central America (1,064)
Chihuahuan Desert (50)
Sierra Madre Del Sur (57)
Alti-Planicie Mexicana (115)
North America (66,491)
Americas (79,749)