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Desert Cut

While scouting locations for a film documentary on Arizona’s Apache Wars, private investigator Lena Jones and Oscar-winning director Warren Quinn discover the mutilated body of a young girl. The gruesome manner of the child’s death evokes memories of Lena’s own rough childhood.

Despite clashing with the local law, Lena investigates the child’s death and uncovers a small town with a big secret. Los Perdidos is not the Eden it first appears. Founded by the descendants of pioneers who fought Geronimo, it now holds a significant population of documented and undocumented foreign-born residents who live and work in Los Perididos at a modern plant. Lena senses a sinister force at work in the town—but where?

The still vivid memory of Geronimo’s war mixes with the modern immigration war and the hard life on the Arizona/Mexico border contrasts with Hollywood’s slick production meetings.

When two more girls disappear from Los Perdidos, Lena is tempted to implement some frontier justice of her own to battle a cruel and ancient practice.

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Cochise (9)
Los Angeles (1,025)
Tucson (85)


Cochise (67)
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Arizona (1,022)
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United States (64,950)

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West Coast (USA) (5,046)