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Hear the Wind Blow

HardCover Pub Date: 2003 Pages: 224 Publisher: Clarion Books On a cold snowy night. Haswell Magruder makes a decision that Will have a Profound Effect on his own life as well as the lives of all those he loves. A wounded Confederate soldier appears at the family's Virginia farm. and Haswell convinces his mother and sister to take the man in. despite the certain repercussions if the enemy Yankees were to catch them in such a traitorous act. Unfortunately. this is precisely what happens. setting off a horrific chain of events that leaves Haswell's mother dead and the farmhouse burned to the ground. After leading his younger sister to safety with relatives. Haswell sets out on his journey in search of his older other. a Confederate soldier. His quest is also a passage into manhood. as he experiences the last bloody days of the Civil War. Skillful storytelling. well-developed ch...

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