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The War of the Austrian Succession

The War of the Austrian Succession Browning provides a highly readable, coherent narrative of a complex period which fundamentally shaped the European state system. He explores the often-changing war aims of the major belligerents--Austria, France, Great Britain, Prussia, Piedmont-Sardinia, and Spain--and links diplomatic and military events to the political and social context from which they arose. Maps. Full description

Important places

Genoa (63)
Hanover (19)


Brescia (111)
Niedersachsen (99)
Bayern (604)
Sachsen (143)
Genova (67)
Královéhradecký (12)


Czech Republic (407)
Italy (5,202)
Germany (3,818)

Other geographical areas

Riviera (25)
Liguria (104)
Lombardy (413)
Eastern Europe (2,710)
Southern Europe (7,123)