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The Comeback Kiss

The thing about being the one who got away is that you really need to stay gone.

Petty thief Dermot “Finn” Finnegan came back to Lucy’s Lake, Vermont, to do one thing—return the car he’d stolen from his high school flame, Tessa, the night he’d disappeared ten years ago. The plan was to be in and out with no one the wiser, especially not Tessa, but when a mysterious fire breaks out and he reluctantly saves the day, Finn’s plans are all shot to hell, along with his ability to resist the love he left behind.

Tessa Scuderi never expected to see Finn again, and that was fine by her. The truth about the teeny-tiny felony they committed could threaten her custody of her teenage sister, Izzy, and getting him out of town is job one. But as the mystery of everything that happened that night ten years ago—including her mother’s death in a strange fire—starts to unravel, Finn gets all weird and loyal. Can love survive lies, theft and arson? There’s only one way to tell…

The Comeback Kiss
Some mistakes are worth making twice.


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