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Mozart's Sister

The year is 1763. Eleven-year-old Nannerl Mozart is performing before the crowned heads of Europe with her younger brother, Wolfgang. But behind the glamour lurked dark difficulties—the hardship of travel, agonizing bouts of illness, and the constant concern over money. Their father, Leopold, is driven by a desire to bring his son’s genius to the attention of the world. But what about Nannerl? Was she not just as talented? In a time where women’s choices are limited, what hope did she have of ever realizing her own dreams?

Important places

London (7,094)
Salzburg (75)


Paris (3,057)
Salzburg (83)


France (7,260)
United Kingdom (21,421)
Austria (1,825)

Other geographical areas

Alps (839)
Ile-de-France (3,166)
Greater London (7,856)