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Siena, Florence, and Padua : art, society, and religion 1280-1400

The eleven papers in this volume present a series of case studies of major works of art either produced in Sien, Florence or Padua or executed by artists associated with the three cities. Contributors include: T Benton (The three cities compared: Urbanism) ; C Cunningham (The design of town halls) ; D Norman (Duccio's `Maestà') ; C Harrison (The Arena Chapel: Patronage and authorship) ; C King (Effigies: Human and Divine) ; T Benton (The design of Siena and Florence Duomos) ; D Norman (The paintings of the Sala dei Nove in the Palazzo Pubblico, Siena) ; D Norman (Change and continuity in Marian altarpieces) ; C King (Women as patrons: Nuns, widows and rulers) . These two volumes together form the basis of an Open University undergraduate course in art history.

Important places

Florence (539)
Padua (44)


Padova (45)
Siena (285)
Firenze (569)


Italy (5,202)