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Watch Out!: An Autobiography

Watch Out! is the hilarious but also frank and sometimes moving autobiography of one of Britain's most famous television stars, Jeremy Beadle. Jeremy writes honestly about his life beginning with his rare genetic disability, his illegitimacy and his less than illustrious academic career. He was in trouble from an early age for his pranks and practical jokes which inevitably ended in him getting hauled before headmasters and bosses alike. However, these jokes, which started out getting him fired, ended up providing him with a very lucrative career. Jeremy Beadle reveals the backstage secrets from some of his television shows: Game for a Laugh, Beadle's About and You've Been Framed. He also adds numerous stories about his celebrity friends, including, Terry Wogan, Rod Stewart, Bob Hoskins and even members of the Royal Family. Jeremy talks frankly about his family, the father he has never met and reveals why he has never married his long-term partner, Sue. He also explains how his big break came about at the age of 24 and how through his enthusiasm and determination he rose to being one of Britain's best known entertainers. Watch Out! is both funny and honest, revealing a man with a limitless love of life. --Pat Naylor

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