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Mr Impossible

Rupert Carsington, fourth son of the Earl of Hargate, is his aristocratic family's favorite disaster. Still, Rupert's never met an entanglement - emotional or other - he couldn't escape. Until now. Now he's in Egypt, stranded in the depths of Cairo's most infamous prison, and his only way out is accepting a beautiful widow's dangerous proposal.

Important places

Al Jizah (42)
Luxor (47)
Al Minya (1)
Cairo (340)


Al Qahirah (345)
Al Jizah (46)
Westminster (7,352)
Al Minya (1)
Al Bahr al Ahmar (1)
Luxor (105)
Derbyshire (145)


Egypt (2,000)
United Kingdom (21,421)

Other geographical areas

Europe (50,240)
Africa (5,754)
Northern Africa (1,555)
Northern Europe (20,481)
Eastern Desert (123)
Western Desert (Egypt) (514)
Great Britain (17,707)
Sahara Desert (1,015)
British Isles (19,064)