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Cordina's Crown Jewel


'Her face was composed, her posture perfect. A headache raged like a firestorm behind her eyes. She was a princess, but she was also a woman on the edge.'

Princess Camilla de Cordina is on the run - and loving it. Desperate for a break from the media circus that has threatened to destroy her life, she sets off alone on a quest across America. She's looking for escape, for freedom and for the chance to work out what she really wants from her life. But what she finds is handsome, cantankerous archaeologist Delaney Caine.

Self-sufficient and suspicious, Del slowly begins to wonder if Camilla might just fill the emptiness he'd never known was there. But who is this beautiful stranger, really - and what is she hiding from?

Cordina's Crown Jewel can be read as a hugely entertaining standalone novel. It is also the final book in the Cordina's Royal Family quartet. The series begins with Affaire Royale and continues with Command Performance and The Playboy Prince - all now available as Ebooks for the first time.

Includes a preview of Whiskey Beach, published in April 2013


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