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The Greeks Overseas

Paperback. Pub Date: 1999. Pages: 304 Publisher: Thames & Hudson The spread of Greek civilization through Europe into Africa and the Near East. Began long. before the classical period long after Troy. Mycenae and Knossos had fallen. This study provides the archaeologist's point of view of this important period of European history. describing how. out of the Dark Ages of reduced population and comparative penury. the Greeks set their sails north. south. east and west to plant trading posts and colonies. to reap whatever harvest of materials and expertise the barbarian could offer. and to disseminate the benefits of their own rapidly developing and illiant civilization. The canvas is oad: Greek mercenaries leaving graffiti on the statues of Abel Simbel in southern Egypt; Greek traders aving the Atlantic eakers or introducing wine to Burgundy. This work seeks to demonstrate the...


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