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Midnight Harvest

In Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's Midnight Harvest, Worsening military situations in Spain compel Saint-Germain to leave Europe; he and Roger travel to Boston, then Chicago, and finally to California, unaware that a paid assassin is following them. Saint-Germain visits the Pietragnelli winery and discovers how much the Great Depression has affected life in the USA; difficulties with Pietragnelli's neighbors escalate, becoming more violent and demanding to the point that Saint-Germain helps Carlo Pietragnelli take a stand against the culprits. He also reunites romantically with Rowena Saxon, now living in San Francisco.

At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Important places

UK (5,022)
Cadiz (20)
San Francisco (1,594)
Boston (1,282)


Córdoba (82)
Massachusetts (3,085)
Cádiz (34)
Hampshire (229)
California (7,435)


United States (64,950)
Spain (1,881)
United Kingdom (21,421)