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The Outfield Player and HotKiana97

“I have done bad things too, you know...”

When softball player and media-type Jay Best gets involved with influencer Karin, a woman half his age, she offers him a thrilling escape from his humdrum life. Whip-smart, sexy and a total bad-ass to boot, she’s everything he’s fantasised about, and more. But as Jay finds himself drawn deeper into her exotic world, he begins to uncover dark secrets of crime and betrayal from her past, and before he knows it, their lives are on the line.

Forced to flee together to a post-Brexit Amsterdam, Jay is trapped between dealing with the threat of an unexpected enemy, and maintaining his crumbling family unit. Should he trust his instincts, or his mysterious femme fatale?

A steamy, yet sophisticated, pulp thriller – contemporary noir with a twist.

Important places

Amsterdam (469)
London (7,094)


Noord-Holland (507)


Netherlands (1,293)
United Kingdom (21,421)

Other geographical areas

Benelux (1,495)
Greater London (7,856)