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Lovers and Liars

In France, a young man's heart misses a beat when the blue lights of a police car signal for him to pull his Mercedes off the autoroute. For inside the attache case on the passenger seat is a very special delivery bound for the Parisian headquarters of the world-renowned fashion house, Cazares, and for fashion doyenne Maria Cazares herself. And a similar, potentially lethal delivery, is about to disrupt the quiet of the English countryside.

In London, journalist Gini Hunter, newly returned from the war zones of Bosnia, is haunted by what she has seen. Knowing that her lover, Pascal Lamartine, remains there, she exists on the brink of breakdown, supported by her close friend, fashion editor Lindsay Drummond. Until the disappearance of a schoolgirl and the intervention of a new editor at her paper, Rowland McGuire, force her to do what she does best...follow a story.

The hunt for fifteen-year-old Mina Landis takes Gini from a Gloucestershire country house to Amsterdam, and then to Paris at the height of the fashion collections. There, she will encounter new and very different dangers, for she must deal with two men - one a potential killer, the other a potential lover.

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