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Fast Forward: Book III: Generation (The Van Burens 3)


See why Katie St. Claire is a Publisher’s Weekly star of 2014.

Julia Van Buren narrates the final installment of the Van Buren Series in real time, and as an old woman looking back over her life as the catalyst to a pandemic. The stakes are higher, the love is stronger, and there's an explosive ending you won't see coming. Shocking family secrets emerge, and she's in a race against time to stay alive, and prevent a worldwide epidemic not yet seen before now.

Julia's childhood nemesis becomes not just a man to reckon with, but also one of the most powerful men in the world. She finds herself in the arms of true love, building a life, and fighting for her life as she tries to save the world from Immortality.

Will there be a second generation? Only time will tell as Julia narrates this explosive journey through the eyes of a young girl, and seasoned woman with all nine of her lives hanging in the balance. Lies, betrayal, murder, and scientific discoveries all wait for you in the explosive conclusion of The Van Burens.

This paranormal fantasy has plenty of action to keep you on your toes, and provocative questions that beg for answers. Enter the mysterious realm of The Van Burens.

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