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Secrets of a Ruthless Tycoon

Power, wealth, and beautiful women at his beck and call!

Leo Spencer has it all – but there’s one thing his luxurious lifestyle can’t give him: the truth about his past. His search for answers leads him to Brianna Sullivan, hidden in the Irish countryside, and she soon proves to be a distraction he never anticipated…

Brianna is unlike any of the women this ruthless tycoon is used to, and her innocence has him captivated…and ready to seduce the secrets of his past from her lips! But when Brianna learns his true identity their undeniable connection will erupt in a whole new kind of chemistry!

Important places

Ballybay (1)
London (7,087)


Monaghan (12)


United Kingdom (21,421)
Ireland (2,156)

Other geographical areas

Ireland (Island of) (2,384)
Greater London (7,856)