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The Borribles

This is the third and final book of this fabulous adventure, set in a dark version of our London and suitable for readers of all ages. This ebook edition contains a wonderful introduction to the trilogy by author China MiƩville, who says 'the Borribles were, and are, my heroes'. Neil Gaiman has also said that the Borribles 'were remarkable, and definitely were one of the streams that fed into Neverwhere.'
Being a Borrible is far from easy, but it's full of bravery, treachery and excitement. They are outcasts and like it that way. But, to any vigilant policemen, their pointed ears prove that they aren't in fact runaway children. Then it's time for quick wits and the Borrible motto 'Don't get caught!'In the last instalment of this great adventure, Battersea is no longer safe for Borribles. The London Police are closing in, using their Special Borrible Group - a secret unit dedicated to finding Borribles and clipping their ears. Driven on by the fanatical Inspector Sussworth, the SBG is determined to wipe out Borribles once and for all. It's now time to break away, escort their old friend Sam to safety in Neasden, then return to the old Borrible life of independence and freedom. So begins a perilous trek across the dark metropolis - a journey that will test the courage and cunning of the adventurers to the very limits.This ebook edition includes that wonderful China MiƩville introduction, plus colourful descriptions of Borribles and other characters.

Important places

Battersea (10)
London (7,093)


Wandsworth (24)


United Kingdom (21,421)

Other geographical areas

Yorkshire and The Humber (6,115)
North of England (7,026)
Greater London (7,856)