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Copper Lake Encounter

Nev Wilson believes in dreams—because hers come true. Her latest nightmares are worrisome enough to draw her to Copper Lake, where a dangerous truth awaits. Luckily, she’s under the protection of hunky detective Ty Gadney.

As the only black cop in town, Ty has faced his share of hardship. When Nev needs his help untangling mysteries of her past, he discovers that hatred and fear are very much alive today.

But as they work together, he feels he’s met the woman of his dreams—if her dreams don’t get them both killed.

Important places

Atlanta (448)


Fulton (457)


Georgia (1,485)


Georgia (144)
United States (64,950)

Other geographical areas

Piedmont (USA) (1,063)
Appalachian Mountains (1,111)
Deep South (4,776)