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Paris in Love

A New York Times Bestseller. After years of living vicariously through the heroines in her novels, bestselling author Eloisa James takes a leap that most of us can only daydream about. She sells her house, leaves her job as a Shakespeare professor, and packs her husband and two protesting children off to Paris. Grand plans are abandoned as she falls under the spell of daily life as a Parisienne exquisite food, long walks by the Seine, reading in bed, displays of effortless chic around every corner, and being reminded of what really matters in a place where people seem to kiss all the time. Against one of the world s most picturesque backdrops, she copes with her Italian husband s notions of quality time; her two hilarious children, ages eleven and fifteen, as they navigate schools not to mention puberty in a foreign language; and her formidable mother-in-law, Marina, who believes dogs should be fed prosciutto and wives should live in the kitchen. An irresistible love letter to a city that will make you want to head there, Paris in Love is also a joyful testament to the pleasures of savouring life.

Important places

New York (7,391)
Florence (539)


Paris (3,057)
New York (9,763)
Firenze (569)


United States (64,950)
Italy (5,202)
France (7,260)