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Stairlift to Heaven

In the latest volume of the Stairlift to Heaven series Razza, his wife The Trouble, and his best friend Atkins are at it once more, growing older and even more disgracefully than ever. (Well Razza and Atkins are.) Learn, amongst other things, how to deal with pests who leap out from the roadside and start cleaning your car windscreen, how do organise a session of pole dancing in your garage, how to cope if you have problems with your prostate gland (outside), and how to be the rudest of rude shop assistants. There are lessons in man management, tips on obituaries (writing one and getting yours in the Daily Telegraph), how to deal with Neighbours from Hell (method 2), how to deal with Jehovah’s Witnesses should they persist in knocking on your door, and, fortunately, how to survive hospital after-care having undergone heart bypass surgery.

Amazon Reader’s review –
"Most television writers talented enough to be employed confine their efforts to cranking out scripts because it pays much better than freelance writing. Such was the case with this author until he turned sixty-five and was turned out to pasture (or put out to stud, as he would probably prefer me to say.) At that time, he started a series of books about his life as a "coffin-dodger." This is the third and a cause for rejoicing for die-hard Ravenscroft fans. I pre-ordered it and attempted to get myself into the proper frame of mind by re-reading the first two. That was a mistake since my sides were already sore when this one showed up on my Kindle. I'll know better next time. Whistler’s Mom."

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