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The Sound of Turquoise

Meg begins to make sense of her history when she reads an account of her Russian grandfather's childhood. Fourteen year old Alexis' life is devastated when gunmen execute his parents and siblings on their estate in Tashkent, from which he flees by train in 1904. She is entranced by his story, which includes a friendship with Benjamin Britten and a tale attached to Constable s painting, Chain Pier, Brighton. When Meg begins to write later in her life, her warm, spirited voice tells a story which will resonate with anyone who has felt strangely alone within their own family. Spanning the 20th century The Sound of Turquoise challenges our perceptions of love and loss. This is a remarkable work of life writing that leads us to explore our ancestry in order to understand the ways in which the past continues to haunt and shape our lives in the present.

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Tashkent (16)


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