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The Christmas Tree Cried

An evergreen growing on a tree farm desires nothing more than to be someone’s special Christmas tree. But it grows so big that no one wants it, and so it cries. The tree holds onto hope, even when things spin out of control and it is cut down, apparently headed to the lumber mill. When fear meets faith, amazing things happen, including something so wonderful, the Christmas tree cries. Get ready for a touching story of Christmas and the journey one out-of-the-ordinary tree makes from its tree farm in the country to Washington, D.C. and the Blue Room in the White House. The Christmas Tree Cried is an ideal story for preschoolers, for children of any age, and for families who love unique and moving tales that celebrate the holiday season.

Important places

The White House (146)


District of Columbia (2,673)


District of Columbia (2,676)


United States (64,950)

Other geographical areas

Piedmont (USA) (1,063)