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A Dead Man in Deptford

Paperback. Pub Date: December 2010 Pages: 288 in Publisher: Vintage Classics 'One of the most productive. Imaginative and risk-taking of the writers ... It is a clever sexually explicit fast-moving. full blooded yarn' Irish Times A Dead Man in Deptford re-imagines the riotous life and suspicious death of Christopher Marlowe. Poet. lover and spy. Marlowe must negotiate the pressures placed upon him by theatre. Queen and country. Burgess ings this dazzling figure to life and pungently evokes Elizabethan England.

Important places

Deptford (10)
London (7,094)
Reims (39)


Lewisham (16)
Marne (44)


France (7,260)
United Kingdom (21,421)

Other geographical areas

Grand Est (261)
Greater London (7,856)