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Life of Luther (Dodo Press)

No German has ever influenced so powerfully as Luther the religious life, and, through it, the whole history, of his people; none has ever reflected so faithfully, in his whole personal character and conduct, the peculiar features of that life and history, and been enabled by that very means to render us a service so effectual and so popular.

Important places

Schmalkalden (2)
Leipzig (34)
Augsburg (27)
Worms (8)
Erfurt (6)
Eisenach (2)
Magdeburg (13)
Mansfeld (2)
Moehra (1)


Sachsen-Anhalt (55)
Rheinland-Pfalz (63)
Bayern (604)
Roma (1,363)
Thüringen (43)
Sachsen (143)


Germany (3,818)
Italy (5,202)