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When Europa Rode the Bull

"When Annie d'Inard receives a letter from the Red Cross indicating that she may be positive for the HIV virus, the fragile relationship she has with her husband of nine years is shattered. In the devastating aftermath, she is unable to escape the haunting images of her past: the traumatic rape in her freshman year of college, her subsequent journey of self-recovery to St. Andrews, Scotland, and the bittersweet memory of a young man named Andrew, with whom she shared a love interrupted by fate. And when she returns to St. Andrews after separating from her husband, she finds that fate has once again intervened. Set against the backdrop of the famous University of St. Andrews, this story provides an intimate look at life in this picture-perfect town. It is an erotic, emotional, and sometimes heartbreaking story, with passionate,
unforgettable characters who will leave you missing them when the cover has been closed."

Important places

St. Andrews (21)


Fife (48)


United Kingdom (21,421)