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Liars Anonymous

“Cements Ure’s position alongside such psychological-thriller masters as Ruth Rendell and Minette Walters.” —Booklist

Shamus Award-winning author of The Fault Tree

Just because you’re not guilty doesn’t mean you’re innocent.

Jessie Dancing got away, but she can’t escape her past. She works at a call center, for roadside emergency assistance. One night, she gets a call from Darren Markson, who sounds like he is being murdered. After telling the local police, Jessie starts her own investigation into the possible crime, finding Markson’s family, discovering that Markson is still alive. Answering one question for Jessie only raises three more, and the answers are growing more personal…

The lines between guilt and innocence blur as Jessie’s past, the crimes she may have committed, the murder she may have gotten away with, come back to haunt her. This taut, psychological thriller shows an award-winning author at peak talent, painting a disturbing portrait of a heroine with her own moral compass—and a history she cannot escape.

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