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The history of the town of Marlborough, Ulster County, New York: from the first settlement in 1712, by Capt. Wm. Bond, to 1887

Excerpt from The History of the Town of Marlborough, Ulster County, New York: From the First Settlement in 1712, by Capt. Wm, Bond, to 1887 An introduction to a work on local history is apt to be a sort of apology for what the author has left undone, fur all history is of necessity incomplete, because of the lack of full records of the past. While it is true that the within sketches of Marlborough do not constitute a perfect history of the town, yet they are a more complete and conscientious collection of facts and incidents concerning the place and its inhabitants than has been attempted previously. There are many dates or connecting links of history in this book which represent hours of labor and research. Old newspaper files, old deeds, state and county records, old account books, oilier histories, directories and private papers have been searched, in great numbers, to obtain all possible information concerning Marlborough and its early history. Old residents have been interviewed, and their memories stirred regarding what their fathers and grandfathers said and did. Much valuable aid has been received from the following gentlemen: John Buckley. Nathaniel H. DuBois, Edward Anderson, H. Scott Corwin. David Craft, David Santis. Eli Harconrt, Samuel Harris. C. .S. Northrip, Walter J. Cavwood, Wm. C. young, Dr. John Deyo, of Newburgh, K. A. Merritt, Earl Stone, Henry D. Fowler, of Middle Hope, Nehemiah Fowler, of Newburgh, Alexander young of Hampton, members of families whose history appears within, anti many others. From Kottimber's "History of Orange" many facts were gleaned, and credit is here given that accurate anti faithfully-compiled work. Rev. S. H. Jagger's "Quarter Century Discourse" has also been drawn upon largely. Some matter has been taken from Sylvester's "History of Ulster," but the work is so notoriously incorrect that nothing could be reproduced without verification. The files of the "Pioneer." published in Milton in 1830. furnished many valuable po


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