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My Lord Raven

....I speak of a love that happens betwixt a man and a woman but once in a lifetime...

More than two centuries had passed since the great Earl of Ravensmoor had whispered the phrase on his deathbed. The heirs of Ravensmoor, intent on honoring a dying man’s request, endure a lifelong quest to seek the soul of the love lost of their ancestor. The tale of ill-fated love taunted every one of his ancestors, and Dante Burroughs was the last of the great line. If he didn’t succeed in bringing the heart and soul of Kaitlyn home, the Ravensmoors would vanish into obscurity, lost in time.
He was unaware of the hidden promises whispered in the ancient deathbed phrase, or of the dreams that would torment him when he came of age.
The images of a woman and a life he did not know haunted him. She taunted him, drawing him into a gossamer web that left him unfulfilled and lost in a corrupt and modern world. He knew he had to find her, the woman capable of redeeming his cursed soul and granting him the love he sought.
Across an ocean, Kathleen Bennett knew the torment. Restless and responsible, her dreams are filled with the image of blue-eyed man that whispers seductive promises to her willing heart.

A time would come, when the souls of the past would collide....

Professional Reviews:
..If you want to take a wonderful journey with a cast of enchanting characters, then [this] is a must buy for you. It is available now and I know My Lord Raven will not disappoint you. Rose--Romance at Heart Magazine

…flow of the wording and the storytelling to be quite smooth and easy to imagine. If you are a collector of books, My Lord Raven is a definite keeper! Danielle, Coffee Time Romance

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