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The Wishing Well

When her unfaithful husband, Craig, dies in a car accident, shortly after moving out of the family home, Laura Wells decides to leave Australia and go back to her native Lancashire to help nurse her ailing mother. After all, Laura’s two children, Ryan and Deb, are grown up now, and Deb has made it plain that she holder her mother responsible for her father’s desertion and death.

Laura’s problems mount up as she looks for a job and somewhere to live. She hasn’t any references and her interview skills are poor. When she meets a man near the wishing well in the park, she finds he needs a housekeeper. It seems her wish for a job has been answered.

Kit Mallinder is a former journalist, who is convalescing after a car accident and he’s still finding it hard to come to terms with a slight disability that prevents him from running or leading an active life.

Laura has an uphill struggle to face as she starts to rebuild her life. Her husband’s actions have torn her family apart, and it is Laura who must summon up all her courage to resolve the problems facing herself and her children.

But Kit is always there to help her. The trouble is, can she trust any man now? Dare she embark on a new relationship?

Important places

Perth (100)
Rochdale (9)


Western Australia (343)
Rochdale (17)


United Kingdom (21,421)
Australia (6,814)

Other geographical areas

Darling Range (19)
Western Plateau (Australia) (252)
North West (956)
Australia And New Zealand (4,260)
North of England (7,026)
Oceania (8,442)