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Rude Britannia

'A wonderfully funny and sociologically piquant work' - Stephen Fry

Tim Fountain knows a lot about sex.
He's slept with over 5,000 people and been labelled a pervert by much of the mainstream press. But is his sex life really that different from the rest of the country?
To find out, Tim travelled up and down Britain stopping off at swingers' hotels and glory holes, visiting doll fetishists and animal fanciers, dogging devotees and spanking enthusiasts. Peeping between net curtains and nosing about behind bike sheds, he learnt that despite what our Victorian forefathers might have wanted to believe, the British are most definitely doing it - in eccentric, inventive and above all thoroughly British ways.


Blackpool (40)
Manchester (204)


United Kingdom (21,421)

Other geographical areas

North West (956)
North of England (7,026)