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If I Die in Juárez (Camino Del Sol)

If I Die in Juarez From the red-light districts in Ciudad Juarez to remote villages hidden away in the mountains of Chihuahua comes a tale of one of the darkest crimes to be recorded in the history of humankind. If I Die in Juarez traces the lives of three young women--Evita, a street child; Petra, a maquiladora worker; and Mayela, a Tarahumara Indian girl--who together uncover Juarez's forbidden secret: the abducti... Full description

Important places

Chihuahua (22)


Chihuahua (53)


Mexico (1,563)

Other geographical areas

Americas (79,749)
North America (66,491)
Central America (1,064)
Chihuahuan Desert (50)
Alti-Planicie Mexicana (115)