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The Neandertals

"An important book... remarkably complete. For anyone interested in the subject of human origins, seldom has it been possible to find out so much between the covers of a popular work." (Richard Leakey)

"A masterful combination of careful scholarship and clever narrative... authoritative and delightful to read." (Roger Lewin)

"Wonderful reading, bringing vivacity to dusty boneyards... Impossible to put down." (Jonathan Kingdom The Times Literary Supplement)

Important places

Neanderthal (1)
San Felice Circeo (1)
Spy (1)
Engis (1)


Nordrhein-Westfalen (235)
Namur (4)
Liege (13)
Latina (4)


Italy (5,202)
Germany (3,818)
Israel (802)
Belgium (736)