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A Ligurian Kitchen: Recipes And Tales from the Italian Riviera

Liguria, a narrow strip of scenic coastal land in the northwest part of Italy known as the Italian Riviera, is home to some of Italy's finest foods. The fifth in Hippocrene's regional Italian series, A Ligurian Kitchen is a sophisticated love story between the author, her people, and their cuisine.

The Ligurian kitchen is famous for fish, fresh produce and herbs. Dishes like Maltagliati con Pesto Piccantino (Fresh Maltagliati with Spicy Purple Pesto) and Ciuppin con Crostoni di Paprika (Ligurian Seafood Bisque with Paprika Crostoni) are featured here along with such quintessential favorites as Orata al Forno con Olive Nere e Patatine Arrosto (Roasted Orata with Black Olives and Baby Potatoes). But tales of lovable uncles and a lyrical account of making pasta in the midst of a storm tantalize as much as much as the sumptuous repasts the author places before us. In these 100 recipes and a beautiful section of photographs, the specialties of artisanal bread bakers and those of the region's cucina povera create a zestful collection that exemplifies "that extraordinary marriage of land and sea that is Ligurian cuisine." Complete with many b/w and color photographs.


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