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For Cause & for Country: A Study of the Affair At Spring Hill & the Battle of Franklin

The battles at Spring Hill and Franklin, Tennessee, in the late autumn of 1864 were watershed moments in the American Civil War. Thousands of hardened veterans and a number of recruits, as well as former West Point classmates, found themselves moving through Middle Tennessee in the last great campaign of a long and bitter war. Replete with bravery, dedication, bloodshed, and controversy, these battles led directly to the conclusion of action in the Western Theater. Spring Hill and Franklin, which were once long ignored and seldom understood, have slowly been regaining their place on the national stage. They remain one of the most compelling episodes of the Civil War. Through exhaustive research and the use of sources never before published, the stories of both battles comes vividly to life in For Cause & For Country. Over 100 pages of material have been added to this new edition, including new maps and photos. The genesis and early stages of the Tennessee Campaign play out in clear and readable fashion. The lost opportunity at Spring Hill is evaluated in great detail, and the truth of what happened there is finally shown based on evidence rather than conjecture. The intricate dynamics of the Confederate high command, and especially the roles of General John Bell Hood and General Frank Cheatham, are given special attention.

The horrific battle at Franklin is told like never before. From what truly motivated John Bell Hood to launch such a desperate attack, to the vital role of Federal units either forgotten or ignored, the reader will see the confrontation portrayed in an entirely new light. Events such as the Confederate assault on the Federal left flank, the actions of the Confederate Missouri Brigade, General John Adams’ death, General William Bate’s attack, and how the Federal army emerged victorious, are given the thorough examination they have so long been denied.

For Cause & For Country offers a balanced and richly detailed study of the battles that helped to decide the outcome of the Civil War. Students of Spring Hill and Franklin will appreciate the abundance of new information which will show that the battles had a far greater scope and importance than many previously realized. Those not familiar with the story will find themselves drawn to the incredible events of late 1864, when Middle Tennessee stood center stage as the divided nation defined and repaired itself through blood and fire.

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