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Old roads out of Philadelphia

Published in 1917, John T. Faris’s Old Roads Out of Philadelphia offers readers a glimpse into the history of ten historic roads that originate in Philadelphia: the King’s Highway to Wilmington, Baltimore Pike, Westchester Turnpike, Lancaster Turnpike, Gulph Road, Ridge Road, Old Germantown Road, the road to Bethlehem, Old York Road, and the road between Bristol and Trenton. Following the paths of these highways, most of which still exist today in one form or another, Faris provides a history of each while discussing important towns and landmarks along its route.

Illustrated with photos of these landmarks, many of which have since been torn down, this book presents a snapshot of the days when stages ruled the roads, as well as of how these highways looked in 1917, during the early days of the automobile. For contemporary readers, the book was meant as a companion for auto and trolley touring on the original roads. While most of these historic roadways have been replaced as the major thoroughfares out of Philadelphia, they still exist as secondary and back roads, primarily following their original routes.

This Metalmark edition includes a substantial index.

Important places

Philadelphia (1,089)


Pennsylvania (4,458)


United States (64,950)