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Marvel Visionaries: John Romita Jr.

Celebrating the artwork of John Romita Jr, a legend in his own right, on the anniversary of his first work on Amazing Spider-Man! Tony Stark battles alcoholism! Spider-Man battles the Juggernaut though the streets of New York! The dawn of a New Universe! Daredevil and Kingpin celebrate Christmas! The Punisher joins the mafia! Also featuring the Hulk, Magneto, Professor X, a masterful retelling of Daredevil's origin, and more! Collects Amazing Spider-Man #229-230, #36, Annual #11, Iron Man #128 & #256, Uncanny X-Men #183 & #309, Star Brand #1, Daredevil #253, Punisher War Zone #1, Daredevil: Man Without Fear #1-2 and Hulk #25 & #34

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